Useful Texts

Links to documents that are relevant in some way to the substance of the DLC Project

Background Theoretical Documents:

Healthy Ageing Policies in Udine

Transformative Learning- Mezirow 1997

Transformative Learning in Adult Education- Dirkx 1998

Transformative Learning Theory – Taylor 2008

Crossroads after 50

Why Do People Retire When They Do

Engaging with Older People

2009 – The state and development of Adult Education UNESCO

Entrepreneur at 40 – needs analysis 2003

2012 – Tools for Community Ivan Illich’s legacy

2009 – Well-being and Happiness

2011 – Transforming Behaviour Change Beyond Nudge and Neuromania

2007 – Men’s sheds in Australia Learning through community contexts

1970 – Pedagogy of the Oppressed – 30th Anniversary Edition

1971 – Deschooling Society

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